Welcome to Deanhills.net!

This site was created on hosting kindly provided by Fitkoh.  Post4VPS closed its doors on 31st of July 2021 and Fitkoh opened a door in August 2021.  Coming to the rescue of those needing a hosting account.  He is starting off with DirectAdmin shared hosting accounts, hoping to expand to VPSs later.

For me the need most of all was for a discussion forum, as after the closure of hosting at gigarocket.net and closure of post4vps completely, there were really no other forums to post to any longer.

Fitkoh created https://input.social/ using a different forum platform SMF.  Which made it doubly interesting for me as it is a completely new learning curve for me.  It’s the first time ever I’ve used SMF.  I promptly joined the SMF Forum as well to get to learn how it works.

Thank you to Fitkoh for setting me up.  Still lots of work to do on my blog, but we are getting there.