First blogpost with

So this is my first blog post after transferring my blog from Fitkoh’s CyberPanel hosting to his newly created DirectAdmin hosting with  I much prefer CyberPanel as I find it much more efficient and faster, but DirectAdmin does work.

What was neat with DirectAdmin (looking for nice things to say about DirectAdmin) was I was able to change the main sub-domain Fitkoh provided to me to my own domain.  With no DNS hickups.  Also nice was the DNS with DirectAdmin is a huge success.  When I changed the domain DNS was automatically allocated to the domain.  Once I’d changed the name servers of my domain to name servers they also propagated super fast.

Fitkoh once again used a remote setup for the database.  And once again this had a great effect on the speed of WP.  Uploads with DirectAdmin is much slower than I’m used to.  Ditto uploads to WP that comes through DirectAdmin.

Another great thrill for me is the new platform Fitkoh is using for a discussion forum –  It’s awesome to be posting again after a couple of weeks inaction.  So am much indebted to Fitkoh for providing a platform to continue posts for hosting.