Still speeding along!

Three months on from first having this great CyberPanel experience, and it’s still continuing.  Today I updated this blog, and the speed with which all of the plugins were updated, was amazing, to make an understatement.

I also checked CyberPanel and it was running as efficiently as it was in December.  Still the easiest to access from a simplicity point of view.  Everything in it works intuitively.

Appreciation to Fitkoh for a consistently brilliant experience.  This is much appreciated!


Awesome experience!

I’m once again burning the midnight oil with being totally carried away by a new cPanel alternative I tried out tonight.  CyberPanel just totally blew me away.  I did expect something good, as there are rave reviews at the Post4VPS Forum, however this just turned out to be that much more impressive than I thought it was going to be.

Part of it is of cause due to how Fitkoh set up the CyberPanel, as I’ve been trying out a User Account.  But part of it is also because of the total absence of messiness that one gets in Panels.  Great thinking must have been put into providing the absolute minimum of bells and whistles in a very simple and absolutely user-friendly manner.  I didn’t have to search anything.  Didn’t once have to Google a next step.  Everything worked.

Only slight hiccup I had was when I decided initially to install WordPress manually instead of with the WordPress Installer to get the database setup and File Manager upload experiences.  I had a nice workout with creating a database and then uploading the WP Installation Files with the File Manager.  However for the first time ever, when I provided the WordPress Install Page with my database name and password, it provided a message that the info didn’t work. Either database info was incorrect, or database server was not running, or localhost was not localhost, etc.  So I still want to figure out what the info should be, but since I was keen to get this blog up and running, I decided to delete my files in the File Manager and database and used the CyberPanel WordPress installer instead.  What an experience that was!  That must have been the fastest installation ever.  Again simplicity of setup with CyberPanel asking for the bare minimum of details with which to create the WordPress Installation.

I’m totally impressed!