CyberPanel offers a free Panel alternative to the unaffordable and super expensive cPanel.  It is also much more efficient and intuitively set out than DirectAdmin.  There is both a free and paid version.

During installation of the Admin Panel of CyberPanel it gives you the option of OpenLiteSpeed or LiteSpeed Enterprise.  If you go for OpenLiteSpeed, there are absolutely no limits and it’s completely free. However, if you go for LiteSpeed enterprise (which is more fine tuned for enterprise applications, hence the name), you’ll need to purchase a license for it.  Difference in speed between the two versions is marginal at best.

I’ve had the privilege of trying out a user account of CyberPanel and the speed is exactly as it says in the documentation.  The panel handles super light and is very fast.  What I like about this panel in particular is its simplicity and intuitiveness.  None of the pages are crowded with links.  You don’t have to search for anything and you don’t have to work through a tutorial.  Everything is where it is supposed to be and works as it should.

Most of all I love the File Manager.  It gives me the feel of cPanel File Manager that has all of the essential features in it like upload, extract zipped files, and even editing them.  I tried all of them and they work perfectly.

When CyberPanel is set up one can opt to exclude DNS, FTP and E-Mail, which is what was done with the CyberPanel I have a user account with.  It was very easy to use the DNS of my Domain Registrar and to set up A Name Records at Namecheap.  Namecheap said to wait 30 minutes, but the DNS worked instantly.

The Panel comes with just the right number of tools, to make them stand out, in contrast with cPanel, where one more or less drowns in them.  An important tool in the CyberPanel is the WordPress Installer.  I couldn’t believe how fast it installed the site.  Like lightning.  So yes, I was totally blown away with my try out of CyberPanel.  I expected something good, but this was much better than my most favourable expectations.